Here Are The Best 2018 World Cup Betting Offers in Kenya

Since the Fifa 2018 World Cup is about to start in Russia, this is a great opportunity for sports bettors to rake in profits. Besides the numerous games on offer, another factor that makes it easier to place bets during the world cup period is the fact that betting sites usually have many world cup betting offers available throughout the period of the event. We decided to go through all your favorite betting sites in Kenya in order to come up with the top world cup offers that you should take advantage of in order to make the most of out of your world cup sports betting experience.

1xBet – Predict the World Cup Outcome and Win a Bentley Bentayga, audi Q7, or Range Rover Evoque Among Other HUGE Prices

1xBet has an exciting world cup competition where you can win for simply prediction the world cup. The best part about this contest is that you are not simply predicting the outcome of one match, in this event you get to attempt and prediction the correct progression of the world cup from the winners the group stages, knout out stages, as well as the eventual winner of the entire contest. The more accurate your prediction is, the bigger the prices you win. For example, if you Predict the correct team standings. You stand a chance to win an iphone X (100 winners) while if you correctly predict the correct team standings and the correct score in one of the quarter-finals, you win the Range Rover Evoque
or a prize of 6,461,938KES, and if you predict the correct team standings and the correct score in the final, you win the grand price of Bentley Bentayga or a prize of 19,385,812KES.

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Join 1xBet by clicking on our special invite link to and get a Sh.20,000 deposit bonus! You read that right, make your first deposit and 1xbet will match it with a double the amount up to SH.10,000. Deposit 10,000 and you will have access to Sh.30,000 to bet with on the site. Sign up to 1xbet by clicking our special invite link to get instant access to your deposit bonus.


BetPawa – Win an Easy World Cup Jackpot of 1M for Sh.10

We realized that Betpawa has the simplest and most affordable world cup jackpot. The jackpot stake for each ticket is sh.10 and you stand to win sh.1,000,000 by predicting the outcome of 13 world cup matches each round.

You can also get a free no-deposit freebet on Betpawa by clicking on our special invite link. This is a good way to understand how the betting site works.

Betika – Win The Betika World Cup Jackpot of 5M for Sh.33

This is also another jackpot offer that has attracted our interests. On Betika you get to place a higher stake,sh.33,than at Betpawa; while Betika’s jackpot is Sh.5,000,000.

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Which team are you supporting in the world cup? Let us know in the comments below or discuss our community of thousands of betting enthusiasts by joining bemornan today!

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    actually this is a great idea you have come up with .most of the people have been losing money simply because they lack idea on which team to bet but now with this group operating i believe i will enjoy the profits

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