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Citybet is an online gaming site launched in Kenya in February 2018 offering a variety of Sports to bet on. Citybet as most gaming companies in mainly focused on football providing football gaming enthusiasts with a variety of football matches to bet on. The company offers best selections for the sports across the globe including the live casino, Keno, lottery and e-games. The company is enterprising and targets to provide more sports to bet on in the near future.


Citybet at a glance
  • Jackpots - 9/10
  • Bonuses - 8/10
  • User Experience - 4/10
  • Features - 5/10


Citybet provides a sufficient betting experience. The standout feature on the site is the jackpot which is among the easiest to play, requiring only sh.50 and 10 correct predictions.

User Review
3.25 (4 votes)

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In-depth Review

CityBet offers one of the biggest offers in the gaming industry in country by offering midweek jackpot bet for every new sign. The offer is quite unbelievable given there is no other gaming company in the industry as per present that offers free jackpot bets. Citybet also offers the best jackpot in town with an affordable jackpot amount to bet Ksh 50 and 10 selections to predict correctly to win the jackpot prize. The 10 free midweek jackpot selection is the fewest amongst gaming companies in the country in terms of jackpot selections making it easier to win the jackpot price. Betting the CityBet is easy, as well registration, depositing and withdrawal. CityBet also provides for SMS betting to cater for non-digital gamers. The companies’ withdrawal and deposit fees are affordable and their website is also easy to use. The gaming company also offers live streaming for gamin enthusiasts in the country.




CityBet weekly jackpot involves 10 selections from football matches across the globe with KSH 2,000,000 to be won by predicting the 10 selections correctly. The price to bet on is an affordable ksh 50. However, for new signs ups betting on the jackpot is free and one can claim a prize of ksh 2,000.000. Jackpot bonuses are also available for unlucky winners. CityBet also provides a weekly jackpot of ksh 2,000,000 comprising o 13 selections. Bonuses are won by predicting more than 10 selections correctly for consolation.


To register online a player needs to open the citybet website then click on register now, the player will fill in the registration form with his or her details. one should then click on get verification code, then the code that will be sent via SMS to the player phone. The game should then fill in the verification code to finish registration.

The player should then refresh the citybet page and log in using their username –phone number and the password they just created. Now the customer is ready to play.

How to register with SMS

Send the word PLAY to 21021 one will then receive a message with a link directing you to our website so that you can read the Terms and conditions.

Once the player has read and understood the terms and conditions the send a message ACCEPT to finish registration. The gamer will receive a confirmation message bearing his/her username, the pay bill number and citybet pin.

Customers that have registered with SMS and want to shift to online betting should use their phone number and citybet pin to create a web password and log in.


Games to bet on

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Ice hockey



  1. Live betting
  2. Free jackpots
  3. Casino
  4. SMS betting
  5. Decent website
  6. Weekly jackpot


  1. No cashout
  2. Limited variety of matches to bet on
  3. Relatively smaller jackpot price
  4. Deposit fee
  5. Withdrawal fee
  6. Little marketing
  7. Limited to only one mobile wallet

Citybet FAQ

How do I deposit into Citybet from mpesa?
How to deposit Go to SIM tool AND click on Mpesa menu. Click on lipa na Mpesa and enter the paybill 29829 and enter account no as CityBet. Enter the amount you want to deposit and enter your Mpesa money and click send. You will receive deposit confirmation message shortly afterwards.
How do I withdraw from citybet?
SMS format-:w#amount to withdraw#citybet pin To withdraw online log in to their account then click My account then click My bets then click on withdraw
How to bet on citybet
Single betting-The SMS format is: Gme id#prediction#stake. One needs a choose a game of his choice and click on his selection, a bet slip will appear he can adjust the amount is playing with from KSh 100 then click on place a bet then confirm the bet and finally click Ok to place the bet or Cancel if not sure. Multi Betting- To multibet use the same procedure in single betting but choose more than 2 selections with a maximum number of selection is 20. MIDWEEK JACKPOT-SMS format:jp#prediction for a maximum of 10 games • JACKPOT BET-SMS format:jp#prediction for a maximum of thirteen games. To bet on the jackpot online the procedure is the same as multiple betting the only difference the player clicks the jackpot icon to bet on the 13 selections.

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