Moran Coin

Moran coin is an innovative new way for sports betting fans to make money online in Kenya. Moran coins are rewards that are given out to users of Betmoran for engaging with other members of the site as well as by completing simple tasks such as watching videos or clicking on links. First, it is important to note that Betmoran is not a sports betting site; we are a sports betting FAN site where thousands of betting enthusiasts from across the globe meet to exchange ideas and to learn the secrets to professional sports betting.

Moran coins are virtual rewards which are similar to ‘bonga points’ that Betmoran members can earn on the website. We created Moran coin as a way of sharing revenue earned among the site users and also as a way of rewarding our users with gifts including exclusive free bets and bonuses by partnering with all the top sports betting sites.

Earning Coins

There are very many EASY ways through which you can Earn moran coins.

  1. Using Betmoran.

It’s that EASY. You earn a Moran coin every time you log in, add a friend, comment, post a tip, your page is viewed, and many other ways. For the complete list and number of coins earned click on the ‘Earn Coins’ tab.

  1. Posting Betting Tips.

With each approved betting tip on the forum you earn moran points, including each time a visitor views your post on the forum. Keep earning a recurring income forever, as long as your post still receive visits.

  1. Referring friends to Betmoran.

You can simply make money by referring new users to our growing betmoran  community. Each betmoran user receives a unique referral link. Each time a person joins Betmoran by clicking on your unique referral link, you earn 100 Moran coins.

  1. Playing FUN and FREE lottery, Card, and Prediction games.

We are the only sports betting site offering free lottery, prediction,  and card games. Visit our games page to increase your moran coins while having fun.

  1. Clicking links.

We have partnered with some of the top sports betting sites in the country to give you special free bets and bonuses. Every time you sign up to one of our partner sites through us you will not only receive a bonus, but also up to 200 Moran coins.

  1. Watching Videos.

Simply watch videos from one of our partners and earn up to 1000 Moran coins for each video watched.  

  1. Selling tips to other users.

If you a professional tipster, you have the opportunity to create private groups where you can sell your tips in return for your preferred amount of Moran coins.

Redeeming Coins

The best part about Moran coins is that they are redeemable. You can exchange your moran coins in return for airtime or MPESA every week.  To Redeem your points click on the Redeem Coins tab to check the current reward options and how to place your redemption request.


My Balance

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  1. #1 Betmoran 88,593
  2. #2 Merry Christmas 8,201
  3. #3 noel ismael 4,962
  4. #4 aiden abner 3,710
  5. #5 jane Onyango 2,509
  6. #6 angelina jolie 2,354
  7. #7 abraham David 2,315
  8. #8 Francis Nzale 2,265
  9. #9 Juma Bahati (Betmoran Team) 2,231
  10. #10 chinira ada 2,110

Here is the full list of how you can easily earn moran coins on betmoran.

Instance Amount Limit
Coins for becoming a member 20 -
Coins for new forum topic 10 Maximum 30 times per day
Coins for someone favorited your forum topic 1 No limit
Coins for new forum reply 1 No limit
Coins for posting update 5 Maximum 10 times per day
Coins for new avatar 50 Maximum once in total
Coins for new cover photo 50 Maximum once in total
Coins for new friendship 5 No limit
Coins for sending a gift 1 No limit
Coins for logging in 5 Maximum 10 times per day
Coins for referring a new member 50 Maximum 5 times per day
Coins for viewing a post 1 Maximum 100 times per week
Coins for viewing a page 1 Maximum 100 times per week
Coins for viewing Topics 1 Maximum 100 times per week
Coins for clicking on link to: %url% 1,000 -

You can massively increase your moran coins by playing our easy, fun, and rewarding Betmoran prediction, lottery and card games.

Play Moran Games


Redeeming your Moran coins is as easy as ABC.

The current redemption options are:

  1. 500 Moran Coins for sh.25 Airtime.
  2. 1000 Moran Coins for sh.50 Airtime.
  3. 2000 Moran Coins for sh.200 Mpesa.
  4. 5000 Moran Coins for sh.1000 Mpesa.
  5. 10000 Moran Coins for sh.2000 Mpesa.

How to withdraw your moran coins

  1. Enter the number of coins you want to redeem in the form provided above.
  2. In the message box enter the word withdraw followed by your phone number. For example, [WITHDRAW 072233333].
  3. Make sure you have a minimum of 500 coins before requesting for your withdrawal, or your withdrawal will not go through.

There are currently no videos for you to view.

Get 50 moran coin for each of your friend that joins betmoran by clicking on your referral link provided below.

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*Make sure you are logged in and your betmoran username is embedded into the referral link.

Copy and paste the link, and make sure you share the link with your friends via sms, email, and social media to make more moran coins with each referral.


Moran Coin FAQ

What is moran coin?
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