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Elitebet is one of the pioneers in the online gaming market.  Seal Capital Partners Ltd, the provider of the elitebet website, is licensed by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya under License n. 820 .Elitebet is one of the most popular Kenyan bookies. Elite is the only gaming site in the current Kenyan gaming market that offers only one sport to bet on.


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Elitebet was among the first betting sites to launch in Kenya. In spite of providing bets from numerous markets, the site is limited by by its archaic betting interface that is very difficult to use and lack of other sports besides football.

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In-depth Review

Unlike other old betting sites in Kenya Elitebet provides only football as the only sport to bet on. While markets other than 1×2 are available, many of the more specialized markets do not exist with EliteBet, meaning your betting choices there will not be too extensive. Gaming enthusiasts in Kenya, however, are pleased with Elitebet since they can use mobile wallets M-PESA and Airtel to undertake their transactions.



Majority of the gamers are reluctant to bet with EliteBet since the odds offered are low compared to those in international sports betting markets. The site is also inconvenient to players since it does not provide for live betting an ever-present feature in other online companies in the country. Majority of players in the country prefer playing online. EliteBet’s site not elaborate and colorful compared to other betting companies.

Elitebet site lacks many features and is dull and less attractive. The site is also slow discouraging many players to play with them. However, Elitebet offers a jackpot of 15 selections with Ksh 50 to bet on which is an affordable amount to bet on. Elitebet also is among the few sites in the country that offer bet cancellation among players. The company also refunds stakes on missing out on one out five and more selections making it a darling to local players.



Send money to business no. 850700, account no. elitebet. Elitebet will instantly send a PIN number via SMS that you will use to log in online at www.elitebetkenya.com. The player is good to go.


Elitebet jackpot comprises of 15 selections with Ksh 5,000, 000 prize to be won. Jackpot amount to bet on Kh 50. Bonuses to be won by predicting from 13 and 14 matches correctly.

Sports to bet on

  • Football


  1. No withdrawal fees
  2. Affordable minimum deposit fee
  3. Minimum withdrawal fees
  4. Two mobile wallets, i.e., Safaricom and Airtel
  5. Affordable amount to bet on the jackpot.
  6. Accumulator bonuses available
  7. Stake refund
  8. Virtual gaming available
  9. SMS betting available



  1. Deposit Fee
  2. Limited to one sport only
  3. Betting site not colorful and attractive
  4. Website not elaborate
  5. Low odds
  6. No live betting
  7. No cashout
  8. Does not offer many betting options

Elitebet FAQ

How do I deposit from mpesa to elitebet?
Go to M-PESA menu then to Lipa Na M-PESA -> Pay Bill -> Enter business no. -> 850700 -> Enter account no. elitebet – -> Enter Amount E.g. 100KShs -> enter M-PESA PIN and confirm. The players is instantly credited credited, and a confirmation SMS will be sent. The minimum deposit is Ksh 10
How Do I withdraw from Elitebet Kenya?
Online withdrawal Go to your online account and click on View Account History then click Withdraw, enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit your withdrawal request. The withdrawal will be instant.   Elitebet: To Withdraw via SMS: Send an SMS to 29210 as instructed below: W followed by the amount you wish to withdraw, e.g., to withdraw KShs. 300 type W 300 and send that to 29210.Minimum amount to withdraw is Ksh 50.The maximum amount to withdraw is ksh 140,000 per day.
How to bet on Elitebet Kenya
Online Betting Go to our website www.elitebetkenya.com, select the Login -> Input Stake (Amount you wish to bet with-> Click on Next Normal Bet -> Make your selection(s) -> Click on Submit or on any ‘Go’ icon-> Confirm the Selection(s) -> Click on Place Bet SMS Betting The format for placing SMS bets is; MATCH CODE # Your Selection * Stake (Amount) Example: 5025#1*100 and send to 29210. For Multibets, join the various selections with a + and then put * Amount at the end Example: 6425#1+2600#2+1850#0*70. #1 is for the Home team to win #2 is for the Away team to win #0 is for a Draw. How to bet place a jackpot bet The jackpot can be played online or via SMS  
What is the elitebet kenya customer care contacts?
E-mail: [email protected] 0703 065 003 0705 201 537 0736 458 065
How do I cancel a bet on elitebet kenya?
Cancellation is made only through the online platform. Login -> View Account History -> Click on the bet reference number-> Click on the Cancel icon. The conditions for bet cancellation are: None of the picks have already kicked off None of the prices on any of the selections have changed The request should be made within the hour of placing the bet

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