How to Get the Sh.20,000 1xBet Kenya Deposit Bonus

If you are looking for a deposit bonus in Kenya, then you won’t get a better offer than 1xBet’s 200% deposit bonus for first deposits of up to Sh.10,000. A deposit bonus is essentially free money that a betting site gives you when you make your first deposit, so that you can try out the site’s features for the first time. In this case 1xBet will give you a 200% bonus on top of the first deposit you make to the site. This means that if you deposit sh.10,000, the site will give you an additional sh.20,000 instantly.

In this guide, I will show you how to get the bonus instantly and also how to make good use of the bonus through a pro-betting strategy know as matched betting.

How to Get 1xBet Bonus (Step by Step Guide)

  1. Sign up to 1xBet by clicking on our special invite link.
  2. Make sure you complete the registration process once you are on the 1xbet site.
  3. Make a deposit by using the paybill number 290011 or 290027.
  4. To get the maximum deposit bonus of ksh.20,000 we recommend that you deposit the maximum deposit amount of sh.10,000/. Remember that you will only get this bonus once.
  5. Once you have completed the process and you have received you deposit bonus, you can continue on to the next part.

Now, pro-bettors use a method known as matched betting to make sure they make the most out of such bonus offers.  Matched betting is a new betting method that enables players to profit from bookmaker’s offers especially regarding free bets and bonuses. Bookmakers in the gaming industry offer several promotional incentives to gamers due to the immense competition among themselves. Their efforts are targeted to lure potential players to play with them.

The gamers can, in turn, maximize on the incentives inform of free bets by cleverly playing with the bets. Matched betting is a technique that seeks to help players to bet wisely using the free bets and bonuses as opposed to using their cash stake. Matched betting purely focuses on proper utilization of betting incentives present by the betting companies. For instance, if betway are offering Ksh 100 to new players to be bet with a player can use matched betting to make maximum profits.

Odds in the gaming market are presented in the form of fractions for example 4/3 or decimals 2.5 or the US style for example -30 or + 30. Matched betting is efficiently utilized by using decimals given it is easy to compare odds from different gambling sites. For players to calculate the earnings using decimals they merely have to multiply their stake with the odds inform of decimals. For instance, ksh 200 stake bet on 3.5 odds offer a return of ksh 700 with a profit ksh 500.The vital component of matched betting is that risk is canceled by making sure that whatever the outcome of the match you do not incur any loss. Matched betting removes the risk of loss from betting

How matched betting operates

Matched betting involves two types of bets. That is the back bet and the lay bet. A back bet is where players bet on specific betting events to occur. For example, a player can back Arsenal to win the champions league. If Arsenal wins the champions league, the player wins the bet, and if Arsenal fails to win the champions league, the player loses the bet.

Back bets are available to in all betting sites. A lay bet is where a player bets on specific sports events not happen. For instance, a player can bet Arsenal not to win the champions league. The player bets against events. For example, if player Lays a bet on Arsenal to win against Chelsea,

If Chelsea win – the lay bet WINS

If Arsenal win – Lay bet LOSES

If Draw – Lay bet WINS

When a player places a lay bet it’s critical to understand how their stake is calculated they need to make sure the returns from the gamble is more than the stake.

By placing both a back bet and a lay bet on Arsenal as mentioned above regarding the champions league a player covers all outcomes. The two bets cancel each other out. Hence players can enjoy freebies at no risk. The can use free bets from different betting sites to match bet. For this case for example a player can use a free bet from betpawa to to place a back bet on Arsenal to win the champions league and use a free bet from bet365 to place a lay bet on Arsenal not to win the champions league The player can repeat the same process with the free bet to enjoy profit. Matched betting is simple any player can have matched bet regardless of their sports passion or betting experience.

Advantages of matched betting to players

  • Matched betting is risk-free and players do not have to worry about losing
  • Players do not have to carefully follow match proceedings to cash out in the fear they might lose
  • Players do not have to worry about the opposing teams
  • It’s simple to match bet.
  • Players maximize profits through match betting.
  • Matched betting relieves players of betting companies’ restrictions since players make their own decisions by placing lay bets and back bets.
  • Players can earn money very fast without struggling.
  • Players can utilize free bets wisely through match betting.

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