How to Get Jambo bet Double Deposit Bonus

Jambo bet is one of the new bookies in Kenya and their site is one of the best to use, and they have some good, juicy odds for their customers. Among their many offers, they have a complex, but decent deposit bonus. You can get a double deposit bonus on your first deposit to jambo bet of up to sh.5000 free betting cash. The best part about this bonus is that it can be used on both single and multibets unlike other deposit bonuses, although the bonus has to be wagered more times.


How to receive the bonus instantly

  1. Sign up to Jambo bet by using our special invite link.
  2. Deposit up to sh.5,000 to receive the maximum bonus.
  3. Done. You will receive the full bonus instantly.
Let me try and break it down for you below:

For the deposit bonus one receives the exact amount of the money deposited from as low as Ksh 10. So if you deposit Ksh 500, you will get that same amount as your bonus, thus have Kshs 1,000 in your account. But always remember, that deposit bonus can not be withdrawn.

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The maximum amount you can win from a bet placed with your deposit bonus is Kshs 5,000. Even if you calculate your possible win with your stake and get Kshs 5,001 or Kshs 10,500 as your payout, what will be credited to your account is just Kshs 5,000.

The bonus however, can be used for placing both single and multi bets. There are limits though. The minimum odd for a single bet is 3, while that of a multi bet is a total odd of 30. It however gets interesting. Each odd in the multibet should not be less than 1.50. So, do not place a bet with your deposit bonus, that has a 1.49 odd. It will not be accepted.


The deposit bonus is valid for 7 days and can not be extended. If those 7 days elapse before you use your bonus, it will not work again. Do not even try to use it because it will not be there. According to a Jambobet customer care agent, “the bonus ends”.

This 100% bonus deal is actually good. Because, say you deposit Ksh 100 and place a bet with it and you lose, at least you have a bonus as your plan B! Jambobet really has one over other bookies in Kenya with this offer!


3 thoughts on “How to Get Jambo bet Double Deposit Bonus

  1. Klaus Carlos says:

    That is no bonus,it’s a damn trap. The conditions are very unfreindly ame what with the 5000 limit. It’s total bullshit,just trying to win you over.The site sulks.

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