How to Sign Up to Bet365 and Other UK Betting Sites From Kenya

Although we have very many reliable betting sites in Kenya, most of them lack crucial pro betting features. If you want to experience the full pro betting experience, then you need to learn how to sign up to the international sports betting sites such as bet365. The most common issue that most people face when attempting to place bets on international betting sites is the lack of a proper method of depositing and withdrawing their cash.

In this post I will also show you the easiest methods of depositing and withdrawing hassle-free. The guide below will mostly focus on Bet365, which is my favorite, but don’t worry since the same methods can be used for all international betting sites including those from the UK, Europe, Asia etc. I also recommend that you check out our list of 20+ UK Betting Sites that you can join from Kenya and their bonuses.

How to Sign up to Bet365 from Kenya

  1. Visit the Bet365 site through this link.
  2. Click on the sports section shown below

If this is your first time visiting the Bet365 site, then you need to click on sports in order to be taken to the sports betting section.

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  1. Click on ‘Join Now’

In this step you will be requested to enter your personal details. It is important to note that betting sites in the UK are strictly regulated and you need to make sure you enter your correct names and details since you might be required to verify your details by providing a scanned copy of your ID later. To avoid losing access to your account, make sure all details provided are accurate and correct. Once you have completed registration, a popup screen will appear asking you to select your preferred deposit method; once you get to this point, you can now go to the next part of our guide.

How to Deposit and Withdraw from Bet365

Usually, this is where most bettors get stuck since UK betting sites do not support mpesa deposits or direct atm card deposits. Although Bet365 supports numerous methods of depositing, only two can work seamlessly from Kenya.

  1. Skrill
  2. Neteller

How to Use Skrill to Deposit to Bet365

Skrill is a reliable online payment processor that is similar to Paypal. The best part about using skrill is that it supports direct withdrawals to mpesa. However, you can’t make direct deposits using mpesa, but there are certain ways you can go around this limitation. First, you can deposit money into skrill using any visa/mastercard atm card.

This includes most Kenyan banks. In the pase, I have been able to load my account using equity, KCB, CBA, and co-op ATM cards successfully. If you encounter an error you might need to contact your bank account firs and request them to enable your ATM card to do online transactions. You can also deposit using third party services such as itechjungle.

Once you have loaded your skrill account, you should be able to load your account by going to the deposits section. Skrill deposits attract no extra charge which is a positive. The best part about using Skrill is that you can withdraw directly to mpesa at an affordable rate an instantly.

How to Use Neteller to Deposit to Bet365

Although I use skrill often, Neteller still remains my favorite method of depositing and withdrawing from international betting sites. This is because Neteller is supported on more betting sites and easier to make deposits.

Signing up on Neteller (Step by Step)

  1. Visit the Neteller site using this link.
  2. Register for an account.
  3. Enter Contact details

You will be requested to enter your email. Country, preffered currency, and finally click on the continue button. It is important for you to select the preferred currency as the one you use on Bet365. This will save you a lot on currency conversion fees which can be quite high.

I prefer to use the US Dollar when using Neteller, but if you are using Skrill it is better to use Euros. On the next step, you will be required to provide all the necessary contact details. As it was on Neteller, we recommend that you enter correct details to avoid verification issues. Once you complete this step, you should be provided with both your account ID as well as secure ID.

Depositing to Neteller (Step by Step)

  1. Sign in to Neteller
  2. Click on the Deposit Button
  3. Select your Deposit Method

Just like in Skrill, you need to select a deposit method. You can use any local bank atm card. It is important to note that the minimum amount you can deposit to Bet365 from Neteller is $50, thus you should avoid depositing less than this amount. Once you have the loaded either your skrill or Neteller account, you need to log into your Bet365 account and link both accounts.

Withdrawing from Neteller

  1. Log into your Neteller Account
  2. Apply for a Neteller Prepaid Mastercard
  3. Other options

Neteller provide users with its own reliable mastercard which you can use to withdraw from any Mastercard ATM machine. Once you have created a Neteller account, you need to apply for a neteller mastercard. The best part is that it takes less than two weeks since you apply for a neteller card for you to receive it in your P.O Box. Once you receive your card in the mail, all you have to do is log into your account to activate your card. Although the Neteller mastercard is my favorite method of withdrawing from the site, you can still make withdrawals through wire transfers and cheque withdrawals.

Advantages of Betting on International Betting Sites

  • Higher odds
  • Matched Betting

Kenya has among the highest betting taxes in the world. This means that betting sites have to lower the odds in order to make up for the high taxes. I have been comparing the odds locally offered and those on international betting sites, and it does seem that odds offered on local betting sites are significantly lower than those on UK betting sites such as Bet365.

Matched betting is a great way to make free money from sports betting sites, however, since very few betting sites in Kenya offer bonuses then it is not possible to attempt meaningful bonus hunting. If you read our matched betting guide you realize that we can only do this on international betting sites.

  • More features

International betting sites provide advanced betting features that make practicing professional sports betting much easier. Feel free to drop any question on signing up to UK betting sites in the comment section below.  


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