A list of 50+ Academic Writing Websites Where You Can Find Jobs Online

Are you looking for academic writing work? Just sign up with one of these academic writing websites and start earning a living online.If you are still green and you have no idea what I am talking about, you are probably better off reading this introduction to academic writing first. These are the best academic writing websites at the moment.

List Of Academic Writing websites

  • Uvocorp.com – The best academic writing account at the moment. Simply because of the average-to-very-good pay, job security, and lenient editors.

What to expect:

  1. Lots of work during the peak season, but close to no work during the low season.
  2. Editors are a bit lenient, and fines are very rare.
  3. Chances of your account being closed are very slim.
  • Academic Experts – This is an Uvocorp affiliate i.e. this website is run by the same company that owns Uvocorp, just under a different name.
  • Essaywriters.net – You will always get varied opinions from writers on this account. Irrespective of what people say I believe it is still one of the best. It has the highest income potential.

What to expect:

  1. Lots of work throughout the year, even during the low season.
  2. During the low season the CPP can go as low as $2 – $5, but during the peak season depending on the level of your account, the CPP can go as high as $10 – $20
  3. Very strict editors, you can expect fines for very flimsy reasons.
  4. Very high quality work is expected or else you stand to lose your account.
  • Writers.ph – An Essaywriters.net affiliate.
  • Asiawriters.net – An EW affiliate.
  • FreelancerCareers – An EW affiliate.
  • Academia-Research – Have some of the highest CPP’s around but jobs are very hard to come by. They are very strict on quality.
  • Writerscash – An academia-research affiliate
  • Writerbay – One of my favorites. Jobs are always in plenty, and they are lenient on the quality of work required.
  • FreelanceWritingCenter – The best academic writing around, according to some people, but not me.
  • 4writers.net – Similar to Essaywriters.net, but with fewer jobs.
  • Essayshark – A different kind of academic writing account. In Essayshark you communicate directly with the client, on the price and everything. Veryyy lenient on everything.
  • Writerslabs.com
  • Allwriting.net – My first and still my favorite academic writing account. No fines, job security and timely payment. Most of the jobs are from Australia, where not much is expected in terms of quality.
  • SNR – Only hires native english writers. However, their pay is great and there is usually a constant flow of orders.
  • Edusson – Uses a similar approach with Essayshark. They have the best policies, and they value their writers.
  • EssayJedi.com – Similar to Essayshark, but with close to no work throughout the year. Were de-indexed by Google a few months ago, and they launched essayjedii.
  • Essayjedii
  • Essaypro.com – Similar to Essayshark and Edusson.
  • AcademicSciences.co.uk – The company only hires native English speakers, but they usually have few orders throughout apart from the peak season.
  • Uploadessays.com – Used to be a great site, but they the company was purchased by freelanceWritingCenter.
  • Topwriterslist.com – The CPP is very low, but there is usually a constant flow of orders throughout.
  • Bluecorp – CPP is average at best, but you get to pick more orders as you advance through the levels.
  • Acemyhomework.com – one of the best sites around, especially if you successfully advance through the levels.
  • Prospectsolution.com – Mostly hires writers from the UK. The pay is good.
  • Researchwritingcenter.com – Has one of the best CPPs around, is a take account, has a constant flow of orders. However, the company has very strict editors who will pester you with unnecessary edits with each attracting a fine!
  • Research Eden – No jobs, don’t waste your time.
  • Livingston Research – Pay is good, although they have few orders.
  • Proficientwriters.com – Few jobs, and average CPP.
  • Euroessays.com – No jobs.
  • Academic Writers Bureau
  • HomeworkMarket – The easiest website to secure an account. There are no tests, no certifications, no nothing. Good place to start from, for new writers.
  • Studyacer – Similar to homeworkmarket.
  • Studentlance – Similar to homeworkmarket.
  • Studypool
  • Coursehero 
  • ThePensters – Used to be Ok, but it was purchased by Essayshark and they are no longer recruiting writers.
  • Awriters.net – has more work than the rest.
  • Friendlywriters.com – Good site.
  • Paperbid – Simple sign-up process. Great place to start off.
  • Qualitywriters.com Relatively new site, but it is slowly becoming one of the best. Few jobs, but it is a take account with good pay.
  • Writershub.org – Tried it out after getting a suggestion in the comments section. They have a lot of work, but the site is poorly managed. Communication is difficult, pay is very disorganized, and they have scammed quite a number of people.

The rest are Kenyan-run academic writing websites. Honestly, I don’t trust them, and they have a reputation for scamming you at every chance they get. It can be a good place to start from, but run once you are able to get a better account.

  • Carescorpexperts – the only Kenyan account that I can vouch for. They even pay via bank deposits. But, they place a lot of emphasis on the production of high-quality work. If you are able to successfully work for this bunch, then no other academic writing account will be too hard for you to handle. If you are still learning the ropes, go ahead get this account. You will certainly learn a lot!
  • Authorsglobal – An affiliate site of carescorpexperts.
  • Brainywriters.com – The best Kenyan-run academic writing site.
  • Shixwriters.com
  • Falconwriters.com
  • Kenyawriting.com
  • Vealance.com
  • UKbestessays.com
  • Writersdome.com
  • FreelanceWritingService.com

I want to have the most comprehensive list of academic writing sites, therefore if you know of one that I have not listed. Just post it in the comments section below, preferably those which are not affiliate websites. Good luck on your applications. There is really no secret, just keep trying and you will eventually be successful.

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Which academic writing site do you use?

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  1. Suresh says:

    I am good in English, know shorthand, fast typing and accounts also. I want to do part time work. Kindly suggest which are free websites to take up work. Thanks, Suresh

  2. poodlelin says:

    Comprehensive. I have been looking around for this list for a while now.

  3. Edward komo says:

    I have a contact in UK who is willing to open accounts for me but she has no academic qualification.
    Kindly advice on the way foward.

  4. Edward komo says:

    Hi guys.kindly advice me on opening new accounts that don’t require academic qualifications.

    • David says:

      Hi Edward. There is no account that opens without a degree. Unless you buy if you don’t have the qualifications. You can call me on 0716919192

  5. Edward komo says:

    Hi guys….kindly advice me…on opening good accounts that don’t need academic qualifications

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    Anyone who knows account that send job to your email direct without bidding

  15. Anonymous says:

    I dont have a degree which writing sites can I apply for?

    • Anonymous says:

      Try Academia Research

    • Anonymous says:

      Try Uvocorp too. Hard to get an account but it’s worth trying

  16. Deb says:

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