5 Profitable Sports to Bet on Besides Football

Not everyone, sadly, is a football fan. But, even those who don’t watch the beautiful game, do bet on it. There, however, is a good number of people who bet on other sports and make so much money from it. Do you want to know what else you can bet on other than Manchester Vs Chelsea in the English Premier League or Bayern Vs Real Madrid in the Champions League? This might just be a must read for you! We are going to show you other sports besides football that you can still make money from through sports betting.

  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • American Football

Wimbledon has always, unsurprisingly, been where the money is. Not many people, however, know how to go about betting on this. The easy way, for a starter, is to look for tipsters via a search engine or on social media.

Many good tennis tipsters, can be found on twitter, by the way. Once you grasp the basics, go big and make money! Tennis is a gold mine if you do it right. Chances are there is a horse race happening right now, while you’re reading this. Wanna bet on it? Well you can, because punters can get in on the action almost any time of day all year?!

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Some call it a rich man’s sport, and it just might be, in the sense that you can make so much money of it! Professional basketball leagues thrive all over the world and so many bookmakers make sure they offer markets on as many of them as possible.

Be it one of the many European leagues, Asian leagues, or African leagues, bookies pull out all the stops to satisfy the growing number of people who bet on Basketball. There are several bookies that offer a wide variety of markets, juicy odds and even cashout options on the games. You really don’t have to be a fan to bet on it.

Cricket has a massive fan base all over the world even if it is not on our local TV stations, many people watch and follow the game. Many bookmakers offer markets on cricket games and I am pretty sure if you check your favorite bookie right now, there will be markets on cricket.

The NFL is the most well-known American football league, but, there is also NCAA college football, the Canadian Football League, and a couple other smaller leagues that have markets and good odds on you can bet on. Punters that bet on American football will always tell you they made so much money from even 3 games! Bookies in Kenya are trying to include the game in their sites and if you are tired of losing money on football or basketball, you should try this out.


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