Bet Result
North Macedonia vs Netherlands 2 Bet
Bet Result
Ukraine vs Austria Ov1.5 Bet
Bet Result
Finland vs Belgium 2 Bet
Bet Result
Russia vs Denmark Un3.5 Bet
ESTONIA: Meistriliiga
Bet Result
Tammeka vs Flora 2 Bet
IRELAND: Premier Division
Bet Result
St. Patricks vs Finn Harps 1 Bet
NORWAY: Division 2 – Group 2
Bet Result
Odd 2 vs Fram Ov2.5 Bet
NORWAY: Division 2 – Group 2
Bet Result
Oygarden vs Rosenborg 2 1 Bet
SWEDEN: Division 1 – Norra
Bet Result
Taby vs Hammarby TFF Ov2.5 Bet
IRAN: Division 1
Bet Result
Arman Gohar vs Navad Urmia 1 Bet


The Euros are finally here. Football frenzy is in the air as the world’s biggest stars prepare to do battle in the tournament that is second in prestige only to the World Cup. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the nations’ Euro tournament after a series of lockdown and curfews restricting movement of people in an effort to control the pandemic. The Euro tournament is to start on June 11th and will come to an end on Sunday 11th of July.

Today, we will through this article take an in depth look into fixtures, events and other tips on betting on the Euro tournament. The tournament consists 24 teams grouped in 6 groups (Group A, B, C, D, E, F) and 51 matches featuring the 24 teams.

Despite the event being pushed to 2021 the tournament shall retain the UEFA Euro 2020 name. Concerted efforts have been made between UEFA and the World Health Organization to ensure that the pandemic is controlled. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin stated that they have been in contact with both host governments and WHO to ensure safety of both players and staff.

It’s also important to note that some of the rules have changed. The most impactful being changed types of rules including introduction of a 6th substitute during extra time, expansion of squads from 23 to 26 are some of the changes made due to the effects of Covid-19 and also a number of rules to be considered.




Euro 2020 Tips fixtures and schedules

In this section will take a look at fixtures, officials’ referees, dates and betting previews. The event will cover 11 cities, Turkey and Italy will have the honors of kicking of the event on Friday June 2021 (2100 hrs. CET)  so let’s take a look at the fixtures table below:

Friday, 11th June

Group Time Teams Preview
A 21:00 Turkey vs Italy Venue will be Rome


Saturday, June 12

Group A (Baku) 15:00 Wales vs Switzerland Preview
Group B (Copenhagen) 18:00 Denmark vs Finland Preview
Group B (St Petersburg) 21:00 Belgium vs Russia Preview


Sunday, June 13

Group D  (London) 15:00 England vs Croatia Preview
Group C (Bucharest) 18:00 Austria vs North Macedonia Preview
Group C (Amsterdam) 21:00 Netherlands vs Ukraine Preview


Monday, June 14

Group D (Glasgow) 15:00 Scotland vs Czech Republic Preview
Group E (St Petersburg) 18:00 Poland vs Slovakia Preview
Group E (Seville) 21:00 Spain vs Sweden Preview

Tuesday, June 15

Group F (Budapest) 18:00 Hungary vs Portugal
Group F (Munich, Germany) 21:00 France vs Germany


Wednesday, June 16

Group B (St Petersburg) 15:00 Finland vs Russia
Group A (Baku) 18:00 Turkey vs Wales
Group A (Rome) 21:00 Italy vs Switzerland


Thursday, June 17

Group C (Bucharest) 15:00 Ukraine vs North Macedonia
Group B (Copenhagen) 18:00 Denmark vs Belgium
Group C (Amsterdam) 21:00 Netherlands vs Austria


Friday, June 18

Group E (St Petersburg) 15:00 Sweden vs Slovakia
Group D (Glasgow) 18:00 Croatia vs Czech Republic
Group D (London) 21:00 England vs Scotland


Saturday, June 19

Group F (Budapest) 15:00 Hungary vs France
Group F (Munich) 18:00 Portugal vs Germany
Group E (Seville) 21:00 Spain vs Poland


Sunday, June 20

Group A (Rome) 18:00 Italy vs Wales
Group A (Baku) 21:00 Switzerland vs Turkey


Monday, June 21

Group C (Amsterdam) 18:00 North Macedonia VS Netherlands
Group C (Bucharest) 18:00 Ukraine VS Austria
Group B (Copenhagen) 21:00 Russia VS Denmark
Group B (St Petersburg) 21:00 Finland VS Belgium




Tuesday, June 22

Group D (London) 21:00 Czech Republic vs England
Group D (London) 21:00 Croatia VS Scotland


Wednesday, June 23

Group E (Seville) 18:00 Slovakia vs Spain
Group E (St Petersburg) 18:00 Sweden vs Poland
Group F (Munich) 21:00 Germany vs Hungary
Group F (Budapest) 21:00 Portugal vs France


Euro 2020 knockout stage format

The knockout stage is decided by number of points, Goals difference, goals scored, wins, lower disciplinary totals and the European qualifiers rank determine the knockout stage.

The knockout stage begins on 26th June with games going to extra time and penalties after draws during regular time. After the 15 matches in the  group stage, the round of 16 starts when the six group winners, four second place winners and the best four teams have been selected.

Round of 16.

Saturday, June 26

Match day 37  (Amsterdam) 18:00 Group B 1st vs 3rd Group A/D/E/F
Match day 38 ( London) 21:00 Group A 1st vs 2nd Group C


Sunday, June 27

Match day 39 (Budapest) 18:00 Group C 1st vs Group D/E/F 3rd
Match day 40 (Seville) 21:00 Group B 1st vs Group A/D/E/F 3rd


Monday, June 28

Match day 41 (Copenhagen) 18:00 Group D 2nd vs Group E 2nd
Match day 42 (Bucharest) 21:00 Group F 1st vs Group A/B/C 3rd


Tuesday, June 29

Match day 43 (London) 18:00 Group D 1st vs Group F 2nd
Match day 44 (Glasgow) 21:00 Group E 1st vs Group A/B/C/D




Euro Quarter-finals format.

Friday, 2nd July

Match day 45 (St Petersburg) 18:00 Match day 42 winner vs 41 winner
Match day 46 (Munich) 21:00 Match day 40 winner vs 38 winner


Saturday, 3rd July

Match day 47 (Baku) 18:00 Match day 39 winner vs match day 37
Match day 48 (Rome) 21:00 Match day 44 winner vs match day 43 winner


Euro 2020 semi- finals

Tuesday, 6th July

Match day 49 21:00 Match day 46 winner vs Match day 45 winner


Wednesday, 7th July

Match day 50 21:00 Match day 48 winner vs Match day 47 winner


Euro 2020, Final

Match day 51 21:00 Match day 49 winner vs match day 50 winner


Euro 2020 shortlisted match venues

The officials at UEFA have picked Wembley, London to host the final match on 11th July among other seven listed matches they host and fans will be allowed to watch the game in nine of the twelve confirmed host stadiums. Budapest is the only stadium to have confirmed to host full capacity while Baku and St Petersburg has confirmed a half capacity stadium. Russia, Hungary and Azerbaijan are the only nations to have promised to increase capacity.

Amsterdam, Glasgow, Bucharest and Copenhagen have settled for the minimum capacity of 25% to 33% capacity. Experts estimate the figures to rise in Romania and the Netherlands. In London you may expect more openings during the semi-finals and the finals. Wembley stadium holds the largest carrying capacity but the British government has agreed to host 10,000 inside the stadium but we may see increase during both the semis and the finals. Stadium capacities Glasgow in Scotland 51,000 but will host 12,000, Amsterdam will also host 12,000 but has a capacity of 54,000 and Bucharest plans to host 13,000 spectators. The table below provides information on venues, group and highest stage they host, the information provided here is important for planning or purchase of tickets.

Venue Group Highest stage
Wembley (London) D Semi-finals & finals
Baku national stadium (Azerbaijan) A Quarter finals
Stadio Olimpico (Rome) A Quarter finals
Krestovsky (Russia, St Petersburg) B Quarter finals
Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany) F Quarter finals
Johan Cruyff Arena (Amsterdam) C Round of 16
La cartuja (Seville, Spain) E Round of 16
Parken stadium (Copenhagen, Denmark) B Round of 16
Puskas arena (Budapest, Hungary) F Round of 16
Arena Nationala (Bucharest, Romania) C Round of 16
Hampden Park (Glasgow, Scotland) D Round of 16

Euro 2020 Tips : Teams with Home Advantages.

Performance of a team can change depending on their environment as well as a number of factors during the Covid-19 pandemic football resumed behind closed doors and home teams performances dropped due to lack of fans in the stadium. In the Euro tournament 2020 à limited number of spectators will be allowed to attend some matches with foreigners being given access during the finals as promised by the UEFA officials. Home teams will be the favorites to win the match and they include the following host nations.

Host countries with home advantages include Italy, Group A, Russia Group B, Netherlands Group C, England Group D, Spain Group E and Germany Group F. In the event England reaches the semis or finals they will have a great advantage since both semis and finals will be played in the Wembley stadium. Turkey is one of the advantageous teams with short travel time to both east and west of Europe, turkey fans can easily access and travel to an from Baku, Azerbaijan, Rome and Italy to support native team.

Euro Referees and Virtual Assistant Referees

Euro Tournament officials have carefully hand picked refers to officiate over the matches and it is important for punters to know the match officials, since information on referees helps in betting on markets. Here is a list of referees picked to officiate over the tournament.

Country Name of official Name of assistant Refer
England Antony Taylor Gray Beswick and Adam nunn
England Michele Oliver Stuart  burt and Simon Burnet
Germany Félix Brych Mark Borsch And Stefan Lupp
Germany Daniel Seibert Ian Seidel and Rafael Felytn
Spain Antonio mateu lahoz Pau ce Brian Devis and Roberto Diaz Perez çən palomar
Spain Carlos del Cerro Grande Juan Carlos Yuste Jimenez and Roberto Alonso Fernandez
Turkey Cuneyt Cakir Bahattin Duran and Tarik Ongun
Sweden Andreas Ekberg Mehmet Culum and Stefan Hallberg
Israel Orel Grinfeld Ray Hassan and Idan Yarkans
Romania Ovidiu Hategan Sebastián Gheorghe and Radu Chinguleac
Netherlands Bjorn kuipers Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinsta
Netherlands Danny Makkelle Hessel Steegstra and Jan de Vries
Russia Sergey Karaser Igor Demeshiko and Maksim Gavnilin
İtaly Danielle Orsato Alessandro Giallatini and Gavnilin Fabian Preti
Portugal Antur Soares Dias Rui Tavares and Paulo Soares
France Clément Turpin Nicolas Danas and Cyril Gringore
Slovenia Slavko vinic Tomaz Klanenik and Andraz Kovacic
Argentina Fernando Rapallini Juan Pablo Belatti and Diego Bonfa

 Virtual Assistant Refer (VAR) in Euro 2020

UEFA Euro officials decided that VAR will be used during the 2020 Euro tournament and have shortlisted a couple of refers to fill out the VAR slot. VAR has been used in some top leagues in Europe like the premier league were decisions by refers change after reviewing a foul or possible hand ball, VAR can led to goals being denied or reversed. As a punter it’s important to consider the possibility of VAR while gambling, below is a list of picked refs who will officiate in the Euro 2020 Tournament.

Also support match refers have been picked to ensure the match continues as scheduled in the event a ref fall ill or is discovered to have tested positive before a match. The support refs include Georgia Kabako, Martin Margarito (Bulgaria), Stephanie Frappart and Mikael Berchebru (France), David Massa (Italy), Bartosz Frankowski (Poland), Srđan Jovanović (Serbia) and Sandro Scharer (Switzerland).

Country VAR
England Stuart Attwell, Chris Cavanagh
France Jérôme Brisad, François letexier
Germany Bastian Dankert, Christina Dingert, Francis fritz
İtaly Marco Di Bello, Massimiliano Irrati, Paolo Valeri
Netherlands Kelvin Blom, pol van poelek
Poland Pawel Gil
Portugal Joao Pinero
Spain Alejandro Hernández, Juan Martinez, José Maria Sanchez

Rule Changes in Euro 2020 Tournament

A number of rules have changed in the Euro 2020 with teams being allowed to make more substitutions and with four opportunities that allow coaches to make subs the fourth being during extra time. UEFA is allowing teams to carry a minimum of 23 players to a maximum of 26 players in each game, so that incase one of the players test positive for Corona virus the match still continues as scheduled. In the event more players test positive for cov-2 test the match will be allowed to continue so long a team can avail a minimum of 13 available players. Lastly if a team fails to play the match will be automatically forfeited by the UEFA control and ethics board with the forfeiting team losing by three goals.

Who will win Euro 2020?

Depending on who you ask, the England team has been touted as heavy favourites to win the Euro 2020 Tournament. The other favorite to win is the world champions France (Les Bleus) and Belgium showing signs of winning with strong team presences.

Other teams to watch include Italy, Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, Turkey and Ukraine, these nations are considered as outsiders, with Italy looking to bounce back. Underdogs to watch include Germany, Portugal and Spain (La Roja).

In conclusion, grouping teams into favorites and underdogs is not a foolproof method. You may require thinking with your head rather than your heart and some luck too.