Updated on June 13, 2024
Competition Country Home Team stadium_capacity Away Team id field_length market field_width Btts home_strength status federation distance_between_teams away_strength is_expired season result start_date last_update_at
First Division Ireland Finn Harps UC Dublin 306,673 100 btts 68 yes 1.21 pending UEFA 191 1.33 2024 13/06/2024 07:45 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
First Division Ireland Wexford Treaty United 306,675 btts yes 0.78 pending UEFA 151 1.70 2024 13/06/2024 07:45 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
Division 1 Sweden Torns IF Eskilsminne IF 306,699 btts yes 0.99 pending UEFA 45 1.30 2024 14/06/2024 06:00 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
First Division Iceland Grotta Seltjarnarnes 300 Vestmannaeyjar 306,690 btts yes 1.02 pending UEFA 117 2.59 2024 13/06/2024 06:30 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
First Division Ireland Bray Wanderers Athlone Town 306,671 103 btts 64 yes 2.26 pending UEFA 125 2.33 2024 13/06/2024 07:45 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
Premier League Belarus FC Vitebsk Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino 306,693 btts no 0.27 pending UEFA 170 1.11 2024 14/06/2024 05:45 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
First Division Iceland Throttur Reykjavik Afturelding Mosfellsbaer 306,663 btts yes 1.75 pending UEFA 9 1.93 2024 13/06/2024 08:15 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM
Superettan Sweden Orgryte 18 Sundsvall 306,696 105 btts 68 yes 1.01 pending UEFA 598 2.02 2024 14/06/2024 06:00 PM 12/06/2024 07:06 PM

More Football Betting Tips

How to Place Winning BTTS/GG Bets

A popular bet type among majority of punters for the bet to be valid a match should have both teams scoring during the match and the wager usually comes in different types that will discuss. The both teams to score is abbreviated as BTTS also known as the Goal/ Goal option and the other wager being the No Goal wager.

BTTS Betting Guide

How BTTS works

In general, the wager works on the perception that both need to score at least a goal each (1-1), (2-1) bets will all win and the losing bet will be (1-0) or (0-2) and provided each team has scored a goal the number of goals provided do not matter like in the over/under wager.

These types of bets are considered safer and a little bit profitable if the right markets are won. Compared to the traditional 3-way betting, both teams to score option has higher winning percentage than the any other bet type and is usually higher than the over/ under goals market.

However the odds are slightly lower than other markets and bookies use data to generate odds for each match. Lower odd values usually mean that the bet is the most likely outcome and you should support such theories with data from previous stats. An experienced punter will most likely use matches whereby teams have nothing to lose and usually such leagues offer more goals with the underdog scoring first.

In top leagues when such underdogs score first the match becomes more heated with the favourite to win pushing forward with deadly offensive attacks it’s more likely to score an equalizer goal and there is also a similar response for the No Goal.

Terms and rules applied in BTTS/GG

In the online betting market, each betting site is different from the other and each tries to market more by offering impressive odds or even better odd values. Despite different rules the general idea in order to win on both teams to score market is that the match should end with home and away team scoring a goal.

The winner here doesn’t matter or even the number of goals and this is the main reason why betting on BTTS is considered safer. However, the bet can be rendered void when the match ends in (0-0) draw and the game is forced into extra time or penalty shot outs.

Tips and Tricks on BTTS/GG betting

  • Research on head to head data: In football betting there is a perception that what happened will happen again and will also continue happening in the future. Take time to analyse the numbers, focusing on the teams in question both home and away records in keeping clean sheets. Check on bits of information on teams, like how well is a team prepared defensively is their form good, goal keeper clean sheets records, team’s ability to score when playing with rivals and the general tactical formation used by coaches.
  • Check for game patterns: top leagues have a lot of derby games whereby teams seriously have a go at each other and usually patterns are developed with either the favourite or the underdog winning with a one goal margin. Such patterns are highly predictable since teams have more than 3 encounters that is a friendly match, home and away matches against each other.
  • Season stats: previous seasons impressive records provide teams with enough confidence to start a season well and majority of teams are more confident in their gaming style than during the last game week in a season. Cashing in on confidence can be a vital tool especially if an underdog has been promoted to a top league after a great season.
  • Combo bets: the popular combination bets usually have higher odds and can be utilized well if the bettor has more information on the game. A common combo is the both teams to score and a specific favourite to win the match. The odds offered on combo bets are higher compared to a single bet. It’s also important to not the stronger dominant team, the less unlikely for the underdog to score them.

Both teams not to score explained

Also popularly known as the No Goal, has different possible outcomes that is a goal less draw and a team to keep a clean sheet. The odds are relatively high since you are to predict an almost accurate possibility for the bet to be valid and usually the winning rate for this type of bet is below 33%. Therefore you should not only place the wager on luck but you should use stats from previous matches at least 5 last matches and improve your chances of winning.

Things to look out for in BTTS betting

  1. The match tactics- the tactic shows how a team is going to play and nowadays you can easily find such information online a few hours before the match. The more the number of defenders at the back the more likely the match ending with few or less goals. (5-3-2) or (5-4-1). Other match details include how a team plays are they a possession team or they utilize counter attacks.
  2. Pre-match team news: the coach is twice in a game during pre-match and post-match interview. Player information is key here and the coach knowns the team better.
  3. Home/away performance: during the Covid-19 pandemic due to lock-down teams played on empty stadiums affecting their home and away performance.
  4. Motivation: are both teams playing to lift the title? Matches during champion’s league are complex especially during the knock-out stages and the final. The team’s motivation determines their ability to push for more goals and usually underdogs are more aggressive during the second leg after losing on the first.
  5. Offensive/ defensive players: a team’s offensive line-up, shows the ability of the team to score while the defensive line-up shows the ability to prevent goals.

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