Basketball Betting Guide

Basketball is one of the biggest sports in America. The popular American sport has over the years gained the attention of both bookies and bettors in the online betting industry. Basketball is played in the professional level with NBA being the most recognized league in the world.

Despite such popularity not that many individuals outside America know about the potential of the sport and so a smaller number bet on it unlike the football leagues that are more popular. There are a number of benefits of basketball betting and the common advantage is that there is no possibility of a tie.

Basketball Betting Guide

Unlike football, the possibility of a win in basketball is about 50% and also has a high multitude of betting options since popular bookies offer more than 40 plus markets in basketball. There is also the possibility of getting back some special bets like (total points or match winner) since the basketball match is only settled when the match has concluded and not at the end of the 4th quarter.

You also enjoy 3-way markets with odds on a draw, the odds on the draws are higher and also odds on a possibility of extra time are high, usually this are considered risky bets. The limited knowledge on basketball rules and types of bet markets.

Has greatly affected their popularity and usually football is well understood since most of the worlds different races and languages play at least football at the local level therefore understand football, unlike basketball which is understood by a small group of individuals and countries. There other reason for the limited popularity is that basketball is not usually a contact game and it’s not as exciting as American Football or football matches.

Match Winner 2-way

The odds markets is continuously being adjusted based on the team’s strength and punters. Consider picking the match winner as an easy task given that basketball is predictable in nature. Despite the predictable nature of basketball, football takes the lion’s share in both online betting markets and popularity in terms of views.

The downside with basketball betting bookies is that they offer lower odds compared to football. For this reason,  punters have to stake large to get a fair possible win amount and majority place folds of 5 to 6 in order to get a higher total odds.

Basketball is not considered a favourite in online betting markets since their more predictable and therefore winning is usually out of the questions, since the lower odds affect the possible win. However, there is need for combinations on the folds and this increases the risk of losing.

What is Handicap Betting in Basketball Betting?

A few bookies have tried to explain the handicap betting in basketball markets despite the numerous definitions out there. The simple definition is giving the under-dog the advantage and therefore the favourite team to win in terms of (strength, game strategies and previous performance) has to overcome the handicap disadvantage to win.

Handicaps are available for both teams, in the event both teams match in strength the handicap range is usually minimal with the common types being (0.5 or 1.5 points) and the stronger a favourite is compared to the opposition, the bigger the handicap range will be.

The handicap imposed here can range between (20 points) and the favourite team to win has to overcome by more than the stated range of points. The number of points specified by the bookies are usually arbitrary in most cases, the advantage of this market is that the odds offered have small difference and are usually equal.

The winning team doesn’t have to overcome the margin and still secure a win regardless of the margin being big or small. Majority of bookies offer a good number of markets on basketball markets, you are free to bet on your favourite alternatives online markets. There are extensive options to choose from the common being (10 points for 1.80 odds and 5 points at 1.50 odds) and there number of bets to suit once needs.

Total Points Bet

The total points is a popular market for punters betting on basketball. Bookies used to offer 3-way bet types by including an exact number of points standing for the draw option and later moved on to the current 2-way bets.

However, some bookies offer markets on the 3-way but on rare occasions. The 2-way bets consist of a range of points and you are usually asked to pick if the points will go over or under. The odds are usually almost equal with a slight difference, which is not that noticeable and you can easily mistake the odds as identical odds.

Although there are various outcomes of total points bet, that are extensively covered by different odd ranges and punters can shape the line as they like since every handicap is a point handicap. The common examples on total points handicap is about 150 points at 1.90 odds and therefore on each way you can chose 140 points to get 1.40 for the over bet and 2.30 odds for the under total points bet.

Depending on the difficulty of the basketball match the over or under odds can fluctuate from one bookie to another. The other total betting options is betting on single team to reach the over/ under mark, betting on the single team to score and in most cases the set odds are much lower, can be half the total points.

Winning Difference Bet Option

The winning difference bet is a common pick for bettors having difficulty picking the total points to go over or under and betting on the winning difference, which sets various point margins on the favourite team to win. The odds can be as high as 25.0 and as low as up to 5.0.

The common ranges usually consists of (1-2, 3-6, 10-13, 14-16 and 21 plus points) and these ranges vary with the bookmaker, also the odds are matched with respective odd values. For example a team is predicted as the favourite to win the match and there is a close margin between the two teams, betting on the winning difference is possible with no need of picking a winner.

The other similar market on the winning difference bet, usually start at 100 point or less depending on the online bookmaker and the ranges start at about 110-120 points ( 120-131, 131-140 the same range difference up to 170 plus points). Here you may find some risky choice with the benefit of greater odds and this is considered as the most unlikely outcomes in a match.

A good example is a total score below 100 points, is offered 250.00 odds meaning it’s the most unlikely outcome of the basketball but doesn’t rule it out as an impossible possibility.

Half Time/ Full-time / Odd or Even Bet Option

The common pick for pro bettors is the odd or even and the popular half time/ full time bets. This option is available on other sports markets including basketball and you are required to predict a winning team during the first half way and also at the end of the period.

In basketball the predictable nature lowers odd values unlike football matches that spot much higher odd values. However you may see some possible outcomes having much better odd values or higher odds than during the first period and this is usually during difficult basketball events whereby the teams match in strength.

On the odd or even markets, you are required to predict the sum of total points during the break to be an odd or an even number. The bet usually takes on the total points of both teams, but you can also bet on a single team to win by an even or odd number of points. The odds on this bet market may seem equal during the match but will change as the period draws to a much-needed end.

Quarter/ Period Bet

Nowadays bookies offer more bet markets on basketball events. They offer odds for each period and the common examples include (picking a winning side, with or without a handicap during the period). The other common option is picking the highest points scored during a period, although the odds are much higher there is also increased risk in the possibility of the total points picked wining.

Majority of bookmakers extend the fourth quarter to give room for the extra time bet markets but it’s also important to check on terms and conditions of your online betting provider since their different offers different rules.

Combo Bets

This the simplest bet market to understand and is usually the most difficult to win, since you are betting on two possible outcomes for example a team to win and to win by an odd points and therefore the possibility of the combo winning can be either possible or impossible depending on the match.

Experienced punters bet on combo markets using data from previous matches statistics help in correct predictions and possible decisions are made much quicker. The other bet markets on the combo bets is the combination of the final match winner with the over total points of the game and with punters preferring combinations on simple bet markets.

In combo bets its best to use simple combination during the match avoiding including difficult possibilities with the aim of winning big and it’s important to keep it simple.

“Race to” Bet Option

This is a special bet that requires you to correctly predict the winner at the final period or the total number of points scored as the match draws to its close. As a punter you are required to predict the team that is more likely to reach a given range of points during a specific period and the most periods to predict on is Half or the Quarter period.

The common markets are on which team to score first, with a specific range of points scored during the period and if the opponent will be able to reach a specific number of points before the period ends.

Special Players Bets Option

A popular pick for punters in both the football and basketball events. The general idea here is to find a specific player with a reputation of continuously punishing opponents by scoring more and in basketball betting you will find bet markets on a specific player to score three pointers during the period.

This bet requires you to correctly predict the performance of a specific top player during the match and their performance is usually measured by number of points, assists, rebounds and three-pointer shots during a period.

The bet markets have fair odds with top league players showing much lower odd value, popular leagues to win on the special player markets is the NBA with some of the best player and top paid playing in the NBA league, also other Euro league offer better markets. There is also the option of betting on the double-double and a triple double performance of a basketball player.

Basketball Betting Strategy

In basketball betting strategy, there are some popular tricks and tips punters having being using for years to win, with such teams showing no signs of letting up. Below are basketball tips:

  • 3-pointers vs points in the paint
  • Favourites after a Blowout
  • Big Home underdogs

A teams that depends on 3-pointers is actually a good team but can sometimes come in short on 3 pointers compared to a team that has a game style of driving to the basket and has more postings. Check on how teams get points.

A team is more fired up to win their next game after a humiliating defeat and most of the time such teams are more motivated to win a home game after an away lose. It’s important to pay attentions to teams previous results and the talent the teams holds in its players.

Home teams generally don’t like the idea of losing their home games in front of their fans and majority play more aggressively. Coaches will play more offensively with aggressive drives to the basket and more posting, therefore you pay attention to home team underdogs.

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