Betting on High Odds

In punting, betting on high odds especially on sports events produces the highest payout possible and, in most cases, higher odds means that the potential of winning the high odds is not likely. Punters tend to shy away from high odds due to instincts and usually pick lower odds to get that better chance of winning.

However lower odds doesn’t always guarantee a win. And in the rare cases, we have seen underdogs doing the impossible by winning some of their difficult matches with crazy odd markets before the actual match time. This is just a small proof that we can really win from high odds.

Betting on High Odds

However, we may need luck on our side since bookmakers base their odd markets on probability and head-to-head meaning they are usually right. The basic when starting betting is usually bet with low stake on lower odds across a wide market variety and this is usually universal across the world.

Punters are nowadays avoiding high odds based on the simple instinct that bookmakers have ruled out the possibility of the pick odd happening therefore the potential of winning on the event is unlikely. A more experienced punter usually places small stakes on high odds and uses lower odds combination to get about the same amount with a large stake. Both methods are risky but actually beneficial since we can benefit from both depending on our betting style and luck.

What does high odds really mean?

The term high odd means an undefined limit since punters have various limits you higher odd can be greater than 3.50 odds while 2.50 odd can be expressed as a high odd for someone else and usually the minimum maximum to qualify as a higher odd is usually 2.50.

Your limit usually depends on what you view as high or low odd, if you a “risk” taker 3.10 odds are more convenient for you while a 2.10 limits for that “safer” punter and this is usually viewed as a limit to the possibility of winning. Numbers are used to decide this limits and we get to understand how odds affect the games prediction during pre-match analysis. But don’t let high odds directly influence or cloud your judgement since punters have greatly benefited from risky on higher odds.

Best high odds betting tips

Master your fears

If some sportsbooks markets don’t scare you a little, then you shouldn’t be betting, and higher odds only increases the intensity of fear. Yes, it’s okay to feel that fear that you may potentially loss the bet but to reduce the chance of feeling even more miserable for failing to place a bet that wins after the regular time. We can consider staking small and easily manage our money.

That fun bet factor

During the 2018 Russian world cup semifinals a drunk punter accidently made a bet selection on higher odds and placed around £ 50 and won against all odds. The point here is that sometimes making that “fun error” may be yield high payouts if you are lucky so sometimes a game can be played for fun keeping in mind you are playing with your money and so we should always stake small.

Find that high odd

Intense research helps us find much better odds offered by local bookmakers and also checking on the possibility on a potential winning basing on numbers. Although nowadays we don’t need to torture ourselves with deep research and we can make easy searches online and free tips on markets with higher odds.

The higher the potential the better and we should always avoid using different bet types on the same bet slip to reduce chances of losing.

Avoid the gamblers fallacy

The gamblers fallacy is a misleading belief on betting especially on casino games where by the future is based on the past events. We should be in an independent state whereby an established probability doesn’t depend on what happened in the past.

Believe in your instinct

The best way is your way, some of us luck that talent to foresee the future events and we can only base our trust on gut instincts. Although this is not recommend you may feeling something that pushes you towards something and your decisions will always have consequences, usually fear is to blame.

Staking plan

For high odd markets always stake small since the possibility of recovering money from high odds is about a 50% chance therefore limiting yourself to a given amount is recommend so that in the event of loss you still can have stake to bet again.

Discipline is key since we are avoiding being greedy by stake large to get the highest possible win and this usually ends as a disaster so staking small should be the basics.

High odds in football

This popular sports offers the best odd market in sportsbooks. Some of the pro tips in winning on football events.

Bet on the underdog

Sometimes in football league a team that’s almost being relegated will potentially win the game even if their underdogs they usually fight to get that win and avoid relegation.


Football there always teams who are local rivals for years and sometimes there is no winner during such events since coaches can’t out match each other during the match. Usually there some high odds on such events.

The home advantage

In football home teams are sometimes ridged when it comes to playing at home and sometimes underdogs playing a top league team will almost not loss the match.

High odds in basketball tips

  • Home advantage
  • Check on the absence of key players due to injury.

High odds in Tennis

  • Fatigue players a major part in determining the winner sometimes pro players may be coming from a series of matches therefore reducing their performance and we can capitalize from this by betting on less fatigued player.
  • Performance in different environments and this may be an advantage for the underrated player. A good example is the great performance of Rafael clay than on grass.

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