Effective Second Half Betting

The second half betting has become an emerging trend and over the years players have grown to love the half-way betting. The last 45 minutes in a game can determine the match outcome since half of the job is done and as a punter decision making is made much easier since we are backed with real time statistics of the match.

Information on the number of shots on target, possession, cards and first half score line can be vital to a punters decision. Although the hard work is picking a market with a good pay-out the problem is you are backed with enough information to trust the chosen market.

Second Half Betting

Well half way betting is affected by a number of factors like weather, team motivation among other variables. The second half is like half the movie and if you have watched a good number of movies they all have the same built in structure that is the beginning, climax and the ending. However sports betting is quite different and we base our assumptions on numbers.

Despite having a lot of useful information at the tip of your hand it’s not easy picking a winning bet since we need experience as well as a betting strategy to avoid falling into the trap of bookies (using odds as bait). The odds usually fall in the direction of the favourite to win and there is the “crowd effect” whereby the odds change towards a direction depending on the number of markets picked by a majority.

Lower odds back such markets and at times there not correct so it’s important to check the factors and the team’s abilities. The following are the best second half tips and strategies you need to know;

Second half Betting strategies

In betting understanding the different types of markets that work for you can help in selecting a market that works for you. The following are the punters’ favourite picks;

  • Both teams to score: well both teams can score a goal and the chances are high if one of teams scored during the first half. Identify the league that has an average second half goals since coaches usually change tactics in the second half and may play an offensive style or add super subs who bring in new energy into the match. This option is not fool-proof but we can back the goals with information from the match as well as previous matches.
  • Over 1.5: the over option is a favourite especially if a team needs the 3 points in a league and also the change in tactics can prove to be effective towards a positive score shit. In popular leagues the premier league a team can be well known for late comebacks and this can be an added advantage especially if a favourite team is losing in the first half. It’s important to back the best possible odds to have a positive bankroll and experience plays a role here.
  • Betting on over/under corner: the corner betting is underrated but offers the best odds and the job is made easier since first half average corners taken can determine the second half over/under decisions. Favourites to win usually have an average of 6 corners when winning but if their losing during the first half well the number of corners on average can be more than 10 due to their offensive attacking style.
  • Betting on the cards: betting on yellows is the least popular option simple because the attitude and pressure affect the players emotionally. It’s made much easier to pick during the second half since players are aggressive and emotional towards getting that win. Fools during the second half increase depending on the match a hard game has more cards compared to an easy game.
  • Last to score or last minute goals: last team to score is hard but possible choice and usually a more motivated team will tend to keep on pushing for that last minute goal. Late goals have become popular over the years because of increased odds.

Types of Second half betting markets

  • The in play markets, markets are available in the live betting section whereby we have bet markets that is 1×2, over/under goals, both teams to score, Asian handicap, corners and correct score among other markets.
  • The specific betting options, the first half derives the markets that are specific to the second half and usually determined by what happened during the first 45 minutes. For example placing a bet for both teams to score in the 2nd half despite both teams scoring during the first half. For example who will score the first goal during the second half? Team 1\ Team 2\ none, will both teams score in the second half? Yes\No

Why you should avoid placing pre-match on second half markets? The answer is simple we don’t have enough numbers to back such markets since the match has not yet started its difficult to correctly determine the best possible markets to pick and this makes the second even more difficult to win. Placing bets on live betting is consider reasonable compared to pre-matches since we have real time data from the first half. In simple terms we are betting on luck rather than logic.

Pros and Cons of halftime betting.


  • The ability of receiving a stable income.
  • Lowered risk of losing
  • Real time data


  • It is time limited and also time consuming.

Fair odds at second half bets. The general idea is to find bookies that offer fair odds, well second offer odds with lower odds and the only way to get the best odds is in the first minutes of the game. Live betting is considered the least profitable with odds dropping gradually as the match comes to an end and can be as low as 1.05. In conclusion, second half betting is all about numbers and going against the bookie is considered a wrong move since most of the time they are right. So pick a strategy that works for you.

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