How do Past Results Affect Sporting Events?

The history of sports performances can be used to great effect when used appropriately by punters. The past is sometimes used to predict the future outcome in this case the match result.

Punters usually look out for the head to head stats to get a better view of what happened in the recent history between two teams. Although this is an important part in sports betting, it only gives as a 50% chance of winning meaning that not all analysis based on the past will be the safest bet in the future.

Past Results in Betting

Past results gives us a sense of ‘de ja vu’ the illusion of having already experienced something that is actually a first time experience and this helps greatly in predicting the final outcome of an event to win. However punters prefer to use past results as a source of reference only and they don’t base their results on the past,. They  use current stats like team form, information on player injuries, transfers and recent head to head.

So the question is do you glance at past results? Or do you just do a serious analysis by carefully checking and double checking the past result? Focusing too much on past results can be time consuming meaning will spend a lot of time analyzing games and in the end we still loss. Yes past results give a picture of the past event and it’s sometimes not clear and as a result the final outcome may change from the anticipated result.

Professional punters will always advice you to use other tools in betting and not only the past results, since their just numbers. Previous matches act as a source of records with detailed information on how the match ended and we also get a good glimpse of what happened during the match in terms of Red or Yellow cards, injuries, Number of Goals and possession starts.

This information may be used to predict the next event between the team in question and through such information we get a better view of the possible outcome. To eliminate guesswork we use the Past result since it acts like a Trojan horse getting us into the minds of the coaches and players.

What favoured the past results the conditions, the fun atmosphere among other factors has made betting a little bit easier compared to using odds to bet, amatures get the lucky chance at guessing that professional punters since pros are more of logical thinkers.

Ways to Utilize Past Results & Win

In football matches there are two teams one with complete dominance over the other and the other has almost equal ability to the opponent. On past matches we can find a set of consistency whereby a match will always end in team A winning and Team B always losses. This may continue over time but one day Team B decides to beat their rivals by winning and this was not foreseen by previous results. So here are some of the ways we can utilize pat results.

  • Bulk of information coming from past result

Past results is great source of information and we get access to a number of hidden or important information that can positively affect the final outcome. When predicting using past events we try to look for bits of information that will support our current thoughts on the final outcome of an event and this makes ruling out much easier. The past helps us to make much better decisions on the events and possibilities are endless with a lot of information out there we are therefore exposed to more hidden results.

  • ‘Bad or good day at the office’

 The past results may be utilized to show if a team had a pervious bad or good day at the pitch and if possible watch a highlight of the team to play over the weekend and see how they played the match with also going through some of the highlights of the other opponent.

This gives us a general idea on the possibility of the match between the two based on previous weekend form and players attitude. The results based on this statistics has proven to be more effective with players in form playing at a higher/ better level when their attitudes are good after coming from a good winning weekend and vice versa for the bad attitude team.

  • Goal difference and scoring rate

The popular game has also some hidden strategies that can be effective when analyzing an event and we can predict the gaming style based on previous events. The rate of scoring goals will be useful when picking Totals or BTTS and this makes winning difficult matches almost easy.

The rate of scoring can also be a key factor with most bookmakers offering markets on the first 10 minutes and half time over/ under goals. The previous match shows the time at which a goal was scored and the rate at which a team scores a goal in successions.

If the goals was score under the 10 minute there is a possibility of the match ending with more than 3.5 goals since the scoring rate from previous events is much higher it’s more likely the team will remain rigid and consistent in their pursuit of more goals.

  • Look at the starting eleven list or Lineup

Nowadays lineups are released hours before the game and we get a chance to get a glance on the chosen team to play the match. So how does the starting eleven affect the final outcome? Well the previous first eleven might be favorites to start again due to previous good for the players may bring this positively into the match and will most likely win.

  • Ignoring and Overestimating is not an option

Basing your prediction on home teams will always win will be a big lie and you may end up losing the bet due to ignoring the fact that the away team has equal chance of winning based on previous results. Overestimating a win for your favorite team to always win be wrong and you may lose if they draw or lose the match.

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