When to use Cash Out Feature

The term cash out has become a common feature among many bookmakers in the online betting business and is used to attract new punters joining their platform. This cash out feature gives punters the option of make an early payout provided the event has not ended and is mostly used for multi bets especially if you are losing by a leg.

Depending on the betting firm we can get the option of making a partial cash out or the full cash out feature on your bet slip and this great feature enables you to get part of the initial potential winnings. On the partial cash out, we get back a given amount of money and let the rest run throughout the betting period, provided the match has not fully ended.

Cash Out in Betting

We get to cut on losses and therefore saving more stake to allow punters to bet on other events, this cool feature acts insurance in some cases whereby the live match is definitely failing your bet slip. To avoid total loss always join bookies offering the cash out feature and leave to fight another day.

Cash out feature offered by top rated online betting firms offer this feature for both multiple and single legs and this gives us power of making that early pay day decision. When used correctly cash outs can become a vital tool in betting especially if you want to make a living from betting, making both a powerful tool and a popular feature among punters.

How does the cash out feature work?

This is a good question especially if you are new in the field of betting, to explain the cash out feature in simple terms is to “cutting losses” and this is important for smart betting.  In detail the cash out feature enables you to get part of the potential winnings therefore eliminating a bet slip selection with in the regular time and is advisable to make cash out early.

Like they say the earlier the bet since bookmaking is a business they often lower the prices as the match/ event is coming to an end compared to before it starts and therefore we should always make the decision early in order to get a small profit or part of the money back.

When making bets this feature is usually displayed on the bet slip after making the bet selection and most bookmakers show different calculation based on stake amount and possible amount you can cash out with some providing the partial cash out option.

Therefore it’s advisable to check the terms and conditions posted by the bookmaker since most of the betting providers offer different options on cash outs. Based on the bookmaker chosen get to understand how their feature works but mostly the cash features is calculated based on stake amount and possible winning amount, this determines the portion you will get.

Also note some bookies only say they are offering this feature and are most of the time not specific in their statements. Therefore you may find that some of the sportsbooks events are not supported by the cash out option and this leads to losses.

When to use or not use the cash out feature?

In order to effectively cut losses we need to understand the right moment to cash out and therefore avoid losing that profit that was possible by cashing it all out.

Possibility of comebacks

In top leagues in football comebacks are sometimes common and this can be easily decided based on live streaming since we have a better view of the match outcome. This is mostly a strategy used by experienced punters who let the bet continue since they are sure of the team behind coming back from the goals scored by the opponent and is mostly advisable not to cash out during the first half.

Head-to-head helped by livestreaming

Live streaming gives us a better perspective of the match with possession and shots on target favoring the home team or away team. This goes to sure that the home/ away may be potential favorites to win the game and also number of cards or red cards sometimes determines the winning team. To be on the safe side always make cash outs based on statistics and therefore avoid losing twice if you are a football fun.

Hopeless matches

A top dog missing key players may at times not play that well since they are used to that world class players playing and therefore sometimes this may act as a disadvantage during league tie matches. In some cases the side you are betting on to win may end up losing due to team form or other factors that may affect the match directly and indirectly, therefore way out option before cashing out.

Last match on the bet slip

Last matches are the worst since all the other legs have won and only one is between you and that win since the prediction is not turning out as expected. Therefore the cash out option in this case is considered a wiser option compared to risking it all and in most cases we can use the partial cash out, letting the remaining portion to run with the bet slip.

Possibility of a late equalizer

We should use the cash out feature when the gap between both teams is almost being filled by that one goal difference or equalizing goal before the final whistle is blown and thus making the cash out option more promising than risking.

Taking that risk

A professional punter will tell you that risking it all may sometimes get you that win and cash out on almost everything is sometimes more damaging than actually winning.

Understand why you are cashing out

New punters tend to think of cashing out as an added advantage to winning and this is false there is no advantage to cash outs. Since in most cases a portion is given back, and you may end up cashing out on a winning chance.

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