Corner Kick Betting: How to Bet and Win on Corners

Corner betting is arguably one of the most under rated betting tool. In layman terms, it is simply defined as the total number of corners taken during a given football match and is matched with a given number of odds that we can wager on. A smaller number of punters understand the power of betting on corners either over or under a given number of corners for both halves of the match, bookmakers’ offer corner betting markets for their customers and it’s important to understand how betting on corners works.

As a punter, it’s important to look the part while also playing the part. Well, you first need to acknowledge how the corners work then work towards identifying the best possibilities in order to win on bets. Professional punters can confess corners are like “cash cows” with odds changing as the match progress on live betting it’s much easier to make a killing from corners than other 3-ways options since odds are much higher but do not be fooled it comes a high risk and majority who do not understand may end up losing.

Corner Betting Guide

3-Way total corners

The most avoided betting option is the 3-way corners. Here we have three types that is the under, over and exact (similar to correct number of corners undertaken during the match). The odds vary depending on the previous stats used by the bookmaker when issuing odds and generally odds are higher o the exact number of corners taken during the match and also “under” have relatively fair odds with the “over” displaying relatively lower odds.

Corners in the first 10 minutes

Although this option is available in live betting not all bookies offer such a betting option since it’s much easier to bet on an “under” or “over”.  If your pick survives the first 10 minutes you may end winning a good amount, compared to full time betting and it’s also important to note that statistics matter.

Over corners meaning

There are a number of variety that range from over 8 to the conventional range of 10.5 in major leagues and is considered for total number of corners undertaken during the whole match. The over values range from different leagues and also odds may change during live betting.

The “over” option is the most common used by majority of professional punters since the odds of winning are greatly increased and even if the match ends at larger number of corners taken it doesn’t matter provided the chosen range has been reached.

Asian Total Corners,

This is a special type of totals bet that is graded as Half-win or Half-Loss as well as a push option whereby the bet is refunded as stake to the better. These is the most difficult betting option to understand in corner bets and the best example to understand is when betting on an over option of 10.5 and over 10 you may notice the decimals brings out the difference.

If a match ends with over 11 corners you win but if the match ends as 10 as the total corners you lose. The second option wins when the totals corners is over 11 and is refunded (pushed) if the match ends at 10. So it’s important to understand how your bookmakers offers this odds and rules since they tend to vary.

Half with the Most Corners Bet

In this option you have to predict the possible outcome for the first half or the second half. For this option you are literally placing your bet on a guess. Although it’s not a well-recommended options it’s still a wild guess and surprisingly it’s ranked as popular pre-match betting option.

The Race for Corners Bet

A race usually determines the first to reach the finish line, well on race for corners we pick the team that is most likely to reach a given number of corners before the other team. The betting option can be for the 1st half or the 2nd half depending on your pick and we can find this option on pre-match betting.

Alternative Corners Bet

The bookmaker may offer another possibility to a bet and usually punters risk their luck by chasing the best odds in the market. For example betting on an over/under option the bookmaker may through in options for over/ under 7 corners, 8.5 or even 10.5 on the same match but with different odds. The punter now has to choose the best choice and the most profitable, this highly risky as the odds rises.

Multi-Corner Bet

The multi-corner bet, is whereby the number of total corners taken in the First Half is multiplied by the total number of corners in the Second Half. The result from both halves gives you’re a number and you are given the option of Over/under with a decimal number.

Meaning of the Corner Range?

An exact range of corners are offered and with each a different odd. The bookmaker usually offers a range of sets but the exact number depends on the league and the teams. An example of a corner range is 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 you may notice a difference of 2 corners in each set, that’s the range number used.

First or Last Corner of the Match,

This is by far the most difficult pick in a match and in here you are basically guessing the most likely team to take the last corner in a match. The odds are relatively high and we can easily cash in on such bets if we guess correctly while the first corner is similar but we have to pick a team before the match commences. If you love watching a live match at the edge of sit then this the best option for you but you may need a lot of luck and experience in order to benefit from corners.

There a lot of bookmakers offering the corner betting options so choose the best betting option that works for you and enjoy the corner betting experience.

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