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The double chance selection in betting is among the few easiest ways to win on a bet, thus doubling the chances of a win in a single event and is rarely used by most amateur punters.

This betting method of using the double chance gives you a better probability of winning an outcome since the stake is shared between 3 combinations that is the HOME or DRAW, the AWAY or DRAW and HOME or AWAY selection into a single bet.

In the Home or Draw selection means that if the home team wins or draws you still win the bet since the stake is spilt into two doubling the chance of winning and if the away team wins then you lose the bet.

The same happens with the other away team selection, the down side of this strategy of playing the odds are relatively lower than other types of markets but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We also have the home and away team market this means that if the game finishes level/draw you end up losing the bet and this makes it a unique tool for punters to use.

So when do we use the double chance market option.

double chance predictions

  • When chances of predicting the final outcome are slim.

Football being among the most watched sports in the world has over the years become more and more unpredictable with different coaches developing world class players. Some of the teams have had more encounters and thus making the prediction of a match difficult.

One of the advantages of using the double chance option is that you will have a better chance of winning in the event the game finishes level or a home/away win.

It’s advisable to always use this selection during derby matches, final matches and league games especially if both teams are on the same level.

  • When you are looking to play it safe.

The double chance market is among the safest ways to win a bet with most professional punters making a living through different betting market types, so we can strongly advise you to use the double chance option when its right and necessary based on understanding on the pre-match statistics.

Betting on the double chance reduces the risk of losing by almost a half and thus making it possible to place large stake on the football match.

  • When you are not sure go for double chance prediction bets

In football there is always an underdog and a top dog in all world leagues. It may not be easy to determine who is who before a match but it’s always a good idea to use the double chance on both Home and Away team to win.

In such case we have a double chance of winning since we have already ruled out the possibility of a draw therefore meaning if there is a winner then bet is correct and valid whether the home team won or the away team.


  • When you are playing on a multiple bet slip.

When playing on multiple games across different leagues it’s always safe to use this betting market option in leagues we don’t understand and therefore we will have lowered the chance of losing the combinations.

Punters have learned different betting markets which gives them an advantage when placing multiple bets using the same stake and this have proven vital in winning since there more possible outcomes to predict on.

  • When you want to stake large to make profit.

If you are looking for better odds then the double chance option, is sadly among the betting markets with the lowest odds across a variety of bookmakers and therefore in order to get the most out of a football match we need a large stake.

Double chance winning options offers odds lower than 2.00 on both combinations and as a result the match prediction is more likely to occur as predicted.

  • When developing the statistics on a match.

The double chance is consider a must win outcome option in football depending on the combination pick it’s rare that the bet is lost due to a one combination failing.

Therefore punters get a better chance of winning since out of the three possible picks two are picked as possible outcomes and therefore placing us in a more promising position.

  • When the head to head is against reality.

The head-to-head starts has proven to be important in football with previous history being displayed on matches played but it’s always important to go with your gut feeling and what better way than the double chance option.

In football is always based on reality with the underdogs being the possible favorites to lose the match thus the double chance protects us from the risk of losing.

  • When the possibility of Win or Draw are high.

Whenever the chance of a match outcome are two possibilities then the use of a double chance selection is more advisable since the outcome is doubled therefore if one fails the other will prevail and betters the chances of winning.

  • When both teams can win and there is no possibility of a draw.

When there is a better chance of both the home and away team to win, therefore we can now use the double chance option since we have ruled out the possibility of a draw occurring.

Making it much easier to win the match if one combination fails out of the two selection but if the match finishes as a draw in such circumstances the bet is lost.

  • When we have understood how the Double Chance works.

We have understood how the Double Chance option works with different scenarios on when to use this type of selection and we can better decide for ourselves the best possible outcome.

What we like about this method is that we have doubled the possible outcome of the football match therefore we are placed in a better position to win. It’s always advisable to use the double chance.